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How to treat anal mycosis?

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An anal mycosis is characterized by itching of the anus, frequent and annoying. Benign, anal mycosis is manifested by symptoms and requires treatment.

Mycosis in the anus causes annoying itching and burning sensations. It is generally benign but requires appropriate management by medicines and creams. THE sodium bicarbonate can be used in lotion. What are the symptoms an anal mycosis? What are the causes ? How to recognize it and what treatments to cure her?

Definition: what is an anal mycosis?

Fungal infections are conditions caused by microscopic fungi (there are some 100,000 in the skin). They can reach the skin, the nails, the digestive tract, or the mucous membranes. Mycoses that affect the anus are most often due to yeasts of the genus Candida, naturally present in the digestive tract without any clinical impact, but which in certain circumstances can become pathogenic (and therefore cause symptoms). These anal mycoses occur the most often punctually, but can also become chronic, frequently in immunocompromised or elderly people. Anal mycosis can also be caused to the extension towards the anus of a genital mycosis.

What are the symptoms of anal thrush?

Symptoms of anal thrush are:

  • buttons
  • itching
  • burning sensation
  • redness
  • flow
  • lesions induced by scratching

“If mycoses can be consecutive to taking antibioticsthey generally occur on a acid soil (too sweet and acidic food) and follow an iron deficiencyexplains the dermatologist.

Diagnosis of anal mycosis is made through a physical examination of the anus. In general, no additional examination is necessary and the trial treatment (i.e. the prescription of an appropriate treatment without diagnostic certainty) leads to a reduction in the clinical signs, which makes it possible to confirm the diagnosis a posteriori. In rare cases, a sample taken from any lesions is possible for culturing and identification of the micro-organism in question.

The treatment of anal mycosis is done through a medicinal treatment, generally local, in the form of a antifungal cream or ointment. In some cases, especially in a person whose immunity is diminished, antifungals (or antifungals) orally are prescribed. “We can also make local lotions based on sodium bicarbonate to alkalize and soften, then use thetea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) diluted in an oleo-calcareous liniment”recommends Doctor Dupont.

Thanks to Doctor Paul Dupont, dermatologist.

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