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How to regulate your temperature at night? Ideal temperature?

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The body temperature gradually decreases at night to sleep well. But certain factors can deregulate this temperature, overheat the body and deprive you of restful sleep.

Sleeping well has many health benefits such as the prevention of neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases and the strengthening of the immune system and memory. Several factors influence the quality of sleep, including body temperature. To sleep well, this temperature must remain low enough. However, some factors can deregulate her functioning. What is the ideal temperature body at night? How cool your body to sleep well? Info and tips for a good night’s sleep.

What is the average body temperature at night?

The temperature of the human body is generally around 75 degrees. It decreases gradually during the night between 0.5 degree and 1 degree (36 to 38 degrees) depending on the different stages of sleep (light, deep and paradoxical). “She is at its lowest during deep sleep while it fluctuates more in REM sleep (along with breathing and heart rate). In the morning, the temperature returns to its usual level. explains Dr. Steven Laureys, neurologist.

What factors can increase body temperature at night?

Room temperature.If the thermostat is too high, it’s harder to fall asleep because if it’s too hot, metabolism, blood pressure and heart rate increase, breathing speeds up and the risk of dehydration increases. It also increases the risk of having nightmares. We recommend a temperature not exceeding 19 degrees in the room“recalls the neurologist.

food affects body temperature. “Eating too large and rich meals eating hard-to-digest foods before sleep increases body temperature. Ideally, it shouldleave 3 hours between the end of the meal and bedtime“defends Dr. Laureys.

The alcohol : “Alcoholic beverages seem to ‘help’ us sleep, but as soon as the alcohol is metabolized by the liver, it causes waking up during the night and alcohol helps to increase body temperature“ notes the expert.

Stress and anxiety prevent sleep but the effect on body temperature is rather marginal. The impact on sleep is more related to hormone production.

Fever or infection can affect body temperature regulation. Just as the menopauseof the endocrine disorders, restless leg syndrome or a problem of excessive sweating.

Several tips can help with body cooling to promote good sleep:

► “take a hot bath in the evening before sleeping can be integrated into the sleep ritual because the body temperature will rise and then fall again and this decrease helps to fall asleep” offers Dr. Laureys.

Get enough hydration before sleeping.Drinking a little water before sleeping refreshes the body and avoid dehydration. Be careful not to drink too much at the risk of getting up to urinate during the night (especially for the elderly)” recommends the neurologist.

Drink herbal tea can also help to increase and then decrease body temperature (but do not drink it too close to bedtime to avoid nocturnal awakening linked to the urge to urinate).

Check that blankets/quilts are suitable to the season in order to allow the body to obtain this reduction in temperature necessary for falling asleep.

Sleep with the window open can also be a means of cooling the room if the air is of good quality (not too polluted) and the environment is not too noisy.

We avoid sport just before sleeping.

What should be avoided so as not to be too hot before sleeping?

“We avoid practicing a sporting activity before sleeping because sport increases the temperature body which sends mixed signals to the brain and can cause hyperthermia defends our interlocutor. It is important to space sports practice and bedtime by a few hours or to favor gentle activities such as yoga. “Mentally excited state increases body metabolism and temperature” adds the neurologist. We relax before going to bed. We can resort to evening relaxation and meditation techniques.

Thanks to Dr. Steven Laureys, neurologist doctor.

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