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How to avoid yeast infection when it’s hot?

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Temperatures rise, perspiration too. The risks of vaginal mycosis are thus higher in summer. The recommendations of our gynecologist to have the right reflexes if it starts to itch…

Sweating, we hate! Worse still when it is at the level of the private parts. Except that with the high summer heat, the phenomenon is at its maximum. And “the problem in the event of a heat wave and therefore high temperatures is the maceration of perspiration which possibly promotes fungal infectionswarns him Dr. Odile Bagot, gynecologist. Easy tips to avoid it!

1. Dry yourself well after showering

Take showers and dry off well (with emphasis on the sub-mammary and inguinal folds when you are overweight). “You can use the hair dryer on cold and dab” says Dr. Bagot.

2. Not wearing the same panties

Change panties every day (it goes without saying but we remember it), or even once more during the day when you feel that it’s wet (for working women, slip a spare pair of panties into the handbag).

3. Wash daily

Cleanse a day with water and your usual hygiene product (without going into the vagina) and an extra one in the morning if you have perspired at night.

4. Cool off with thermal water

To cool off, take a bomb of thermal water that can be applied to the level a of the vulva.

5. Not wearing panty liners when it’s hot

Avoid wearing panty liners in order to absorb perspiration. It’s a bad idea “because it can on the contrary increase macerationwarn the gynecologist.

6. Not using intimate wipes

Do not use intimate wipes: “It’s not very ecological and these are products that are necessarily chemical, which can be allergenic and we are never safe from endocrine disruptors.”

7. Limit swimming in the pool

If there’s one place we all dream of being when it’s really hot, it’s the swimming pool. But beware ! “THE repeated baths in the pool increase fungal infections in those who tend to do it because it unbalances the vaginal flora” explains Dr. Bagot. If we bathe, she advises to do not stay with a wet swimsuit. At the level of the vulva, this maintains the humidity and the heat will increase. For those who have recurrent fungal infections or vaginosis and who go more than usual to the swimming pool (or to the sea), “they can put a Florgynal tampon® which brings lactobacilli, good germs, and which avoids that there is water whose pH is not adapted to the level of the vagina”. These pads are available in parapharmacy and exist in “mini” or “large” format. Choose the cheaper and more than sufficient “minis”, according to the gynecologist. They are used during bathing and can be removed afterwards.

What if we make love when it’s hot?

On the sexual side, no complications to fear because of the heat wave but rather not very pleasant effects to anticipate. “With the restlessness and excitement rising (during the act) you can take a big sweat especially postmenopausal women because it makes their hot flashes worse. recalls Dr. Bagot. So it’s best to find a room where you have managed to keep some freshness or air. Also note that “body odor can change a little too when it’s hot but that’s usually not a problem”.

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