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How long does Doliprane take effect?

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In France, Doliprane is the best-selling and most prescribed drug to relieve pain and fever. What is its timeframe? Orally? Rectally? Explanations.

What is Doliprane?

Doliprane® is a analgesic medicine based on paracetamol. It is indicated in the treatment of fever and pain mild to moderate in intensity such as headaches, body aches, painful periods.

In what forms does it exist?

The different drug presentations available are the tablets to swallow, capsules, sachets of powder for oral solution, effervescent tablets, oral suspensions, orodispersible tablets and suppositories. Note that the commercial specialty Doliprane® does not exist in injectable form. The onset of action of Doliprane® depends on its pharmaceutical form.

What is an action deadline?

It’s the time elapsed between the administration of a drug and the onset of its effect therapeutic.

Doliprane suppository is slower than Doliprane administered orally.

What is the delay of action with the oral route?

The effectiveness of Doliprane® administered orally is obtained relatively quickly. The time of action varies according to the pharmaceutical form used.
► For presentations in orodispersible tablet or tablet to swallow, capsule, powder sachet or drinkable suspensionthe maximum concentrations of paracetamol in the blood are obtained between 30 to 60 minutes after administration. However, the absorption of the solid forms (tablet to swallow and capsule) is slightly longer than that of the other forms. For a drug to be absorbed from the digestive tract, it must be in solution. Thus, the action time of a solid form is lengthened by absorption, which includes an additional step: disintegration for a tablet and destruction of the hard shell for a capsule.
► On the other hand for an effervescent tablet, the action time is reduced to 15 minutes.

What is the action time with the rectal route?

Contrary to popular belief, Doliprane® suppository is slower than Doliprane® administered orally. The action of rectal paracetamol breaks down into two phases: the dissolution of the suppository at body temperature and the passage of the active ingredient at the level of the rectal mucosa where it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Maximum efficiency is achieved after 2-3 hours after the introduction of the suppository. However, this route may be beneficial for the administration of paracetamol in a person suffering from repeated vomiting.

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