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Health scandal: what you need to know about fluoroquinolones

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They are several to evoke a health scandal. Monday March 13, 2023, patients who are victims of fluoroquinolones announced their intention to file a complaint and denounce a health scandal as revealed by franceinfo. Moreover, a patient association evokes six million unjustified prescriptions for four years. Fluoroquinolones – a family of antibiotics – are marketed under different names such as Oflocet, Ciflox or Tavanic.

When are they used? These antibiotics are used in serious bacterial infections requiring the use of a fluoroquinolone. The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) recalls in which cases these antibiotics should not be used: to treat non-severe infections, to prevent traveller’s diarrhea or recurrent lower urinary tract infections, to treat non-bacterial infections, to treat infections of mild to moderate severity and for patients who have already experienced serious adverse effects with a quinolone/fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

Study the benefits/risks

Like any drug, fluoroquinolones may cause undesirable effects. Consequently, the prescription must be made after analyzing the balance between benefits and risks of adverse effects. The patient should be informed of the possible risks associated with taking this medicine.

“The use of fluoroquinolones can be associated with the appearance of adverse effects, sometimes serious and disabling”, recalls the ANSM. In detail, the treatment can be responsible for tendon damage, cardiac and cardiovascular disorders, nerve damage, photosensitization and neuro-psychiatric disorders.

Adverse effects

“The time to onset of adverse effects and their duration will depend on the type of effects and the patient himself. These adverse effects may appear from the first 48 hours of treatment and up to several months after stopping the treatment. treatment. The duration of adverse effects is also very variable from one patient to another”, summarizes the Medicines Agency. After taking this treatment, the appearance of certain symptoms should lead the patient to consult his doctor quickly: painful swelling of the tendons or joints, unusual pain and/or weakness in the arms or legs, palpitations or sensations of irregular or rapid heartbeats, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the legs, decreased vision or appearance of any other eye disorder, redness, irritation or itching of the skin, in particular following exposure to the sun or artificial UV radiation (tanning lamp, solarium, etc.). ).

“The onset of sudden and intense abdominal, chest or back pain requires you to go immediately to the emergency department of a hospital”, adds the ANSM.

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