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Health insurance will reduce its coverage of non-emergency medical transport

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The bill could go up. According to a text published in the Official Journal, Health Insurance will reduce its coverage of non-emergency medical transport. If currently it is 65%, it will go down to 50%.

Specifically, the text provides that “the participation of insured persons in the costs relating to medical transport”, currently included in a range of “30 to 40%”, will soon increase to a rate of “45 to 55%” which will be set by health insurance. This modification will be valid for scheduled transport and patients who do not benefit from an exemption. Since January 1, private ambulances sent at the request of the Samu are indeed covered at 100%

With this new measure, there should be a remaining charge of around 20 to 25 euros for patients. But most patients should not feel the effects of this change thanks to their mutuals and insurance. In March, the National Union of Complementary Health (Unocam) issued an “unfavorable opinion” citing “doubts about the financial neutrality of the operation”.

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