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“He never supported the contradiction”, when Didier Raoult’s daughter tackles her father

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She no longer bears her name. Magali Carcopino-Tusoli is the daughter of Professor Didier Raoult but between them, the link is broken. In an interview with L’Express, the specialist in vascular medicine at Sainte-Marguerite Hospital (AP-HM) returned to the recent disputes she had with her father.

During the health crisis linked to Covid-19, she had criticized the IHUm studies carried out on hydroxychloroquine. As a result, she had been targeted by virulent attacks on Twitter an account called “The professional”. With her husband, she thinks that it is Éric Chabrière (close to Pr Didier Raoult) who is at the helm of this account. “We have provided proof, provided by Twitter, that the telephone number associated with this account is the same as that of Mr. Chabrière. His lawyer argued that this number is public and anyone can use it. The judge considered that a doubt persisted and that it should benefit the accused, hence the acquittal, ”explained the complainant to L’Express.

“We can reflect and criticize”

Throughout this interview, she also scratches her father: “I don’t hate Professor Raoult. We haven’t spoken to each other for more than ten years and today I feel sorry for him. He dreamed of being a Nobel Prize winner, he became the leader of conspiracy theorists and antivax “. Before adding: “I believe that many people do not know that it is possible not to have only binary reasoning – to like or to hate – and that one can reflect and criticize other than with hateful biases”.

For her, her father never supported the contradiction. “It’s impossible to survive with him if we don’t agree on everything. This behavior pushed him to isolate himself, to cut himself off from all criticism and to lock himself inside a sphere of adoration”. Today, she decided to appeal the court decision.

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