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For the first time, scientists create mice from two fathers

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A remarkable step forward. This is the first time that such a biological feat has been achieved. In Japan, scientists have for the first time created mice with two biologically male parents.

In this study, led by Katsuhiko Hayashi, professor of genome biology at Osaka University in Japan, eggs were generated from the skin cells of male mice. These cells were transformed into pluripotent stem cells, that is to say capable of becoming any other type of cell. So, eggs were obtained thanks to this before being fertilized with mouse sperm and then implanted in the uterus of female carrier mice.

In total, this procedure displays a success rate of only 1%. Indeed, 630 tests were carried out and only seven healthy mice were born. “This is due to the sub-optimal state of the culture system. Especially, if the culture period is long (in this case 5-6 weeks), then the cell potential is compromised”, Prof. Hayashi explained in a email disclosed by CNN. These findings were published on March 15 in the scientific journal Nature.

Saving endangered animals?

This discovery could expand the possibilities of future infertility treatments. But, this possible application to humans will require long years of work as Professor Hayashi points out: “We expect that the application in humans will take a long time, perhaps 10 years or more. Even if enforced, we never know if eggs are safe enough to produce (a) baby.” Before completing: “It (will be) difficult to produce babies from male-male (human) couples for both technical and ethical reasons. But it is theoretically possible to produce babies from male-male couples , as this study shows.

This major breakthrough could also save endangered animals.

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