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Flu, nausea, headaches: what to eat when you are sick?

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When our immune system is weakened and our body is exposed to external aggressions, it does not take much to get sick. And if certain drugs or alternative treatments prove to be very effective in combating the first signs of the disease, thefeed also plays a very important role. Find out, on a case-by-case basis, how to increase your chances of a quick recovery.

Headache, flu, cold: what meals should you eat?

In case of headacheprepare yourself a Moroccan vegetable and lentil soup. Composed of onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, lentils, parsley, coriander, oil and spices, this recipe makes you feel full while avoiding foods that increase headaches such as chocolate, nuts or dairy products.

On the contrary, this soup is an excellent source of vegetable protein, ofanti-inflammatory spices and of magnesiumwhich helps “relax” blood vessels.

Stuffy nose, runny nose… you feel that Are your sinuses starting to hurt? Prepare yourself a good chilli con carneA green curry or any other spicy dish that you like. Chilli indeed helps to limit the inflammation of the sinuses.

In general, against the flu, fatigue or fever, it is necessary to fill up with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C and vitamin D, fruits and vegetables and good fats will be your best allies.

What foods are recommended for sore throat?

It’s time to take out the broth recipe of your grandparents. Add garlic, herbs and vegetables to it, then drink hot tea with honey. The heat helps decongest the throat, while the garlic and vegetables provide nutrients that help fight inflammation and relieve pain.

Health Insurance also recommends the following measures (source 1):

  • Avoid food or drinks that are too hot or irritating : prefer fresh food;
  • Suck pastilles available in pharmacies or simply candies : it is the production of saliva that calms the inflammation;
  • Drink a lot of waterin small sips, to relieve pain and to hydrate yourself and eat foods that are easy to swallow.

Should you eat ice cream when you have a sore throat?

The cold has a anesthetic power. We can therefore eat ice cream to relieve sore throats, but with moderation ! Ice cream contains a lot of sugar, which can decrease the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

Diarrhea, constipation: what foods and what dishes to eat?

Whether diarrhea or constipation, certain foods are to be preferred.

The constipation

Opt for high fiber foods such as oatmeal and fruit, which help soften stools and move them. A cup of hot water with lemon can stimulate digestive muscles and help you go to the bathroom. Dried fruits, nuts and legumes are particularly recommended.


The essential reflex in case of diarrhea does not concern food, but rather drinks: you have to drink water to rehydrate you. Broths and soups will therefore be beneficial for the same reason. You can add pasta to make it a heartier meal. Once the episode has subsided, you can gradually integrate rice, fish and lean meats.

What should you eat when you are nauseous or vomiting?

In case of nauseayou can fill up with bananas, rice, applesauce and ginger tea. Each of these foods is easy to remember because they stick to the walls of the stomach, and help soothe the digestive system. Avoid as much as possible dairy products, very sugary foods, red meat and fresh vegetables, which are too difficult to assimilate. Don’t force yourself to eat if you don’t feel like it, but remember to drink regularly some water.

Health Insurance also recommends the following measures (source 2):

  • Eat several small meals, spread throughout the day. For example, eat small portions of food every two or three hours;
  • Avoid fatty foods ;
  • Drink small amounts of salty and sugary drinks throughout the day. As you feel better, add other drinks and foods, gradually increasing the amounts. Avoid coffee and alcohol.

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