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Florent Pagny gives news of his health and says he has learned the lessons of his relapse

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This Thursday, May 25 in the morning, the singer Florent Pagny, who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in January 2022, was on the set of TéléMatin on France2, to discuss the release of his book, entitled Pagny by Florent.

With the transparency and the frankness that we know him, the interpreter of And one day a woman gave an update on his state of health, said he was getting better, and said he had learned the lessons of his relapse, potentially due to a certain relaxation in the therapeutic protocol.

“Not something that can be cured with 15 days of antibiotics”

I’m doing pretty well, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. But it’s true that all these lives, plus this one, means that at some point it’s a bit heavy, but it’s nice. It was heavy, then it became more fun. As we know it’s undulatory and then it’s going to last a long time, we’re cool, we cross our fingers, it’s going well“, he said, with a smile on his face.

Asked by journalist Julia Vignali about the aspect “undulating” of this lung cancer, the artist indicates to have understood certain things. “I understood that it was not something that could be treated with fifteen days of antibiotics. I was even able to live the moment when it came back. But hey, you’re starting to know a little about your subject and to manage situations. I’m lucky, the protocol works great every time. Now I understand: I stop not taking it“, did he declare.

Florent Pagny had indeed returned to Argentine Patagonia in the summer of 2022, and had delayed the continuation of the therapeutic process, which included immunotherapy sessions. A violent fit of coughing and disturbing MRI images of a lymph node that had “brand” made him return to France earlier than expected, due to the risk of metastases. “Maybe if I had been in France, I might not have this ganglion that appears like that. And if I had followed the planned program, maybe… It’s a bit my fault”, he confessed to Audrey Crespo-Mara on the show “ seven to eight “, last January.

I take the hair of the beast. Chemo is behind me”, he added on the set of TéléMatin, admitting fear of running out of breath, oxygen, because of not having sung for a long time. His fans should find him on stage this summer, since he has confirmed his presence in several festivals, in particular on June 30 in Nîmes, July 8 in Nancy, July 19 in Perpignan and July 30 in Colmar.

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