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Dyspraxia: Daniel Auteuil says he has it as well as his 13-year-old son

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We are all quite familiar with dyslexia, much less dyspraxia. This disorder is to gestures what dyslexia is to letters and words: it affects the planning, execution, coordination and automation of voluntary gestures.

At the microphone of France Bleu (Source 1), for the program “ In the retro “, the actor Daniel Auteuil confided to be reached. What is amazing is that he discovered his dyspraxia recently, thanks to his 13-year-old son Zachary. “ I think I am an autodidact of dyspraxia. I didn’t know I was. It’s when later, we detected this same thing in my son and we left normal education to go to a so-called alternative school (which I understood, editor’s note) “, he detailed.

Afterwards, the actor – and now singer – says he understood certain things about his way of being and his tenacity. “ We suffer! We suffer! That is to say, theyou think you’re a moron… you must be… you lose self-confidence. And we become, if we are curious, we become self-taught “, continues Daniel Auteuil, believing that this disorder taught him the” virtue of work when one is not gifted “.

Me, for example, if I had been taken to the conservatory of dramatic arts, I would not have waited almost 40 years before performing a classic piece. I thought I had no right “, confided the actor, wishing that his son Zachary, 13, born of his relationship with Aude Ambroggi, does not suffer as much from this disorder. The young teenager is educated in a so-called alternative school, where he follows studies where music and drawing are fully on the program, as his mother indicated in a previous interview.

The management of dyspraxia is generally multidisciplinary : occupational therapist, psychomotrician, speech therapist or neuropsychologist are some of the professionals who can support dyspraxic children.

The management of this disorder, which affects 4 to 6% of the population, also requires close collaboration between parents, teachers and physiotherapists to support the child in his development and learning.

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