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Death of Gaspard Ulliel: six people live thanks to him, following transplants

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On January 19, 2022, actor Gaspard Ulliel died following a fall on skis in Savoie. Since then, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son Orso, Gaëlle Pietri, has been trying to rebuild. In a book titled “Time to say goodbye” (Editions Grasset), she reveals that the actor’s family very quickly agreed to donate his organs: “even though you didn’t leave any instructions, we thought that was the only thing to do”.

It was An evidence for his parents and me. The last message I sent him was about a friend whose 4-year-old son with leukemia needed a platelet donation… Thanks to Gaspard, six people live, because the transplants worked. It’s concrete and it’s beautiful”, developed Gaëlle Pietri in the columns of Parisian (Source 1).

Heart valves, kidneys, liver… In his book, the ex-partner of the actor evokes without taboo but with modesty these organs which were removed from the body of Gaspard Ulliel to join other bodies which needed them.

To tell me that a part of him lives through six people whose lives he either made better or simply helped to live, I find that magnificent”, concluded Gaëlle Pietri with the Parisian.

Remember that today in France, the law indicates that we are all suspected organ and tissue donors. At the time of death, however, the medical team asks to consult the national register of refusals to find out whether the deceased is listed there or not. Relatives are also consulted.

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