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Covid-19: who can get vaccinated?

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With the end of year celebrations approaching and while a ninth wave of Covid-19 is rampant in France, vaccination is slipping. On December 4, the Minister of Health even launched a “solemn appeal for vaccination” against Covid-19, encouraging the French to take part in the vaccination campaign. “It’s still absurd. We have the means to protect ourselves and the French do not get vaccinated”, remarked François Braun.

Who is primarily affected by the vaccine recall?

In the first place, this vaccine reminder is intended “for the most fragile people, those who are over 60, those who have diseases that make them fragile, and those around them”. Thus, fragile populations can receive a dose of vaccine: the over 60s, residents of nursing homes, but also from the age of 12 immunocompromised people and those at risk of a serious form because of comorbidity (diabetes, asthma, obesity, etc.) ), pregnant women and caregivers. For almost all of these people, the booster dose should be given six months after the last injection. This is not the case for those over 80 and residents of Ehpad for whom the period has been reduced to three months.

Vaccination open to all

The General Directorate of Health has widened this circle of people eligible for vaccination with “people living in the entourage or in regular contact with immunocompromised or vulnerable people, including professionals in the health and medico-social sectors. Vulnerable people are those in the categories listed above. A young person, without comorbidity, who regularly sees relatives in the target is therefore eligible”.

If all these people are a priority, there is no ban on vaccination for the rest of the population. “A recommendation is not a ban for others. So the whole population can be vaccinated. You can do it !”, assures the president of Covars, Brigitte Autrans.

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