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consultations with the social partners will begin to revise the list of shortage occupations

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Consultations will be open “from the month of November” to revise the list of shortage occupations, announced Thursday, November 3 the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, the day after the presentation of the main lines of the bill on immigration, which aims in particular to promote employment immigrant workers in sectors experiencing labor shortages.

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“As of November, this month, I am opening consultations with the social partners (…) to, based on economic data, revise this list, ensure that the professions that are not in tension are not in this list (…) and that the trades which have become trades in tension can integrate it “he said on France info.

“There is already a list of shortage occupations. This list, which corresponds to about thirty professions, sectors, is fixed by decree. It has a regional variation to take account of the characteristics of the economy and it must be revised at regular intervals. We plan to revise it for the beginning of 2023”he added.

“Nothing massive”

In an interview given to World and published on Wednesday November 2, Olivier Dussopt and Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, unveiled the main lines of the immigration bill, of which they praised the” balance “ between hardening for expulsions and reaching out to immigrant workers. Mr. Dussopt pleaded in particular for a residence permit “work in tension”in order to recruit in sectors with labor shortages.

“It concerns between a few thousand and a few tens of thousands of peoplesaid the Minister of Labor on Franceinfo. This is not a massive regularization plan. »

For the “people who have been in our territory for a long time, who work but who are in an irregular situation and who occupy positions today in sectors that are called shortage occupations[, ce] what we are proposing is to put an end to a form of hypocrisy and, on a case-by-case basis, to allow these men and women (…) to request their regularization and to obtain a residence permit in this context”he explained.

“What we offer is a case-by-case regularization. There’s nothing massive about it.”underlined Mr. Dussopt.

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