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Cinnamon essential oil: benefits, wart, gastro

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Very powerful, cinnamon essential oil has major anti-infectious properties. It is orally very effective in case of gastro and locally in case of wart. How to use it ? To treat a wart? A mycosis? Cystitis? What are its side effects?

What are the benefits of cinnamon essential oil?

There are different essential oils from cinnamon :

  • EO of Ceylon cinnamon bark,
  • Chinese cinnamon EO,
  • the essential oil of cinnamon leaves.

The most commonly used is EO of Ceylon cinnamon bark, known for its properties anti-infectives to broad spectrum. It is equipped with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic virtues.Ceylon cinnamon bark EO is extremely powerful for infectious conditions of all types. It is particularly effective for digestive system infections, whether viral or bacterial. She purifies and sanitizes the digestive tract very effectively in eliminating parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other undesirable yeasts”develops Aude Maillard, aromatologist and doctor of pharmacy.

Is it beneficial against gastro?

Thanks to its properties anti-infectious and sanitizingthe essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon bark is very effective in case of gastroenteritis. It is also recommended to fight against parasitosis, turista and others diarrhea of infectious origin.

Is it effective in curing mycosis?

The essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon bark is very effective against fungal infections, particularly of digestive origin.

Is it effective in curing a wart?

Cinnamon EO is a very interesting natural alternative to nitrogen. In practice, a drop of essential oil is placed on a cotton swab and applied directly to the wart. The application can be repeated up to twice a dayduring a maximum duration of two weeks. “Please note that this essential oil is dermocaustic, which means she burns the skinso do not protrude from the wart“, warns the aromatologist.

Against urinary tract infections?

Cinnamon EO accelerates the healing of urinary and gynecological infections, given its antibacterial properties.

It is not applied to the skin directly

Cinnamon EO is dangerous because it is dermocaustic (it burns the skin and mucous membranes), so you have to be very careful when using it. It is not applied directly to the skin and it is not recommended to put it in the mouth, including with vegetable oil. “The ideal is to take it orally and put it in a capsule to protect the mouth. The stomach is protected since it is hyper caustic and acidic. You can find empty capsules in pharmacies or on the internet. Size 0 is recommended for adults. Just put 3 drops of essential oil on it and fill in what’s left with edible vegetable oil. Depending on the condition, it is possible to take up to three capsules a day for a maximum of 3 to 4 days”specifies our interlocutor.

What are the side effects of cinnamon essential oil?

Besides the fact that it is dermocaustic, cinnamon EO is likely to cause digestive intolerancesespecially in subjects with a fragile stomach and intestine.

What are the contraindications of cinnamon essential oil?

Cinnamon EO is formally contraindicated in children, during pregnancy and during lactation. Its hypoglycemic properties should be taken into account when taking diabetes medication.

thanks to Aude Maillardconsultant-trainer in aromatherapy and Dr in pharmacy.

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