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Cholinergic urticaria: what to do?

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Cholinergic urticaria is caused by increased body temperature. An intense sports session, a shower or a bath that is too hot, a peak of stress… and pimples appear. What treatments to treat it?

Cholinergic urticaria is a skin disease which is not serious but very unpleasant for the person affected. Sport, stress, exposure to the sun… anything that increases body temperature can cause cholinergic urticaria. The dermatological reaction takes less than 30 minutes. What do cholinergic urticaria pimples look like? What are the symptoms ? Photos, diagnosis and treatments cholinergic urticaria.

Definition: what is cholinergic urticaria?

Urticaria is a dermatosis, a disease that affects the skin. Inflammatory in nature, it is relatively common in the population. It can be acute or chronic when it evolves for more than 6 weeks. Hives appear as pink or red patches on the skin. It is said to be “cholinergic” whenafter a rise in body temperature, itchy red patches appear on the chest. They can sometimes be accompanied by headaches. It represents 10% of urticaria.

What causes cholinergic urticaria?

Hives may be due to a reaction allergic to a food, an insect bite, a drug, contact with a product, cold, water, pressure on the skin“But the particularity of cholinergic urticaria is to be induced by increased body heat during physical activity, a hot shower or bath, strong emotion, sun exposure or ingestion of hot food or drink, explains Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist in Paris. It causes the release histamine, responsible for the appearance of pimples and plaques.”

What are the symptoms of cholinergic urticaria?

Usually, small red lesions of a few millimeters appear on the trunk and disappear in less than 30 minutes. “This type of urticaria leads to significant itching says Dr. Roos.

Pictures of cholinergic urticaria pimples © Tunatura-Adobestock

“Like the papules do not remain very long on the body, less than about an hour, the diagnosis is essentially based on questioning the patient: the appearance of numerous small red lesions the size of a pinhead, itching important, a disappearance of the plates between 30 and 60 min”, notes our expert.

What are the effects of cholinergic urticaria?

It depends on the intensity of the outbreaks and the threshold for triggering urticaria. “While some will push up while climbing stairs or walking in the sun, others will only see the plaques appearfollowing a running session or a strong emotion“, says Dr. Roos. Nevertheless, the very itchy patches, some patients make sure to avoid situations that lead to flare-ups, avoidances that impact their daily lives.

It is essentially based on taking antihistamine for about a week. “It is also possible to take this treatment preventively, for example two days before a physical event, an examination or a public speaking session”, says Dr. Roos.

Of the recurrences are to be expected because it can be talked about for months or even years before improving spontaneously during life.

“A few hours before your workout, taking antihistamines can help prevent hives. Talk to your doctor”says Dr. Roos.

Thanks to Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist.

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