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“centers of invincibility” set up to provide water and heating

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Cover image: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kherson, Ukraine, November 14, 2022. PA

  • Ukrainian power grid operator Ukrenergo said damage to power generation facilities from Russian missile attacks was “colossal”but on Tuesday dismissed the need to evacuate civilians.
  • Fighting was underway on Tuesday between Ukrainians and Russians on the tip of Kinbourna piece of land nestled at the tip of the left bank of the Dnieper in southern Ukraine, south of Mykolaiv, according to authorities.
  • Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, controlled by Russia, was targeted by a drone attack Tuesday, the Russian forces on the spot are ” on alert “said the authorities installed by the Kremlin.
  • Ukraine’s president called on French mayors on Tuesday to provide aid to his country to prevent Russia from using the cold this winter “as a weapon of mass destruction”mentioning in particular “generators of different capacities”, of “demining assistance [et] equipment for firefighters, rescuers and doctors ».
  • The European Union will provide an additional €2.5 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Tuesday on Twitter.
  • The World Bank announced Tuesday to grant an envelope of 4.5 billion additional dollars (4.37 billion euros) in support of Ukraine to enable it to “running essential services and government”.
  • The European Commission proposed on Tuesday a temporary mechanism to cap wholesale prices on the gas market of reference of the European Union (EU), accompanied by drastic conditions in order to finally convince the Member States initially reluctant to such a device.
  • Gazprom threatened on Tuesday to cut gas supplies to Moldova accusing Ukraine of siphoning off the gas pipeline that passes through its territory.

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