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Canada to summon Russian ambassador over ‘hateful’ tweets towards LGBT+ community

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Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, asked her services, Monday, November 28, to summon the Russian ambassador to Ottawa, Oleg Stepanov, after the publication of a series of anti-LGBT + tweets, including one targeting the federal sports minister, Pascale St-Onge, openly lesbian.

Messages posted by the Russian Embassy’s Twitter account echo the recent adoption by the Russian Duma of a draft law prohibiting any “propaganda” LGBT+, or even “promoting non-traditional sexual relationships” to all audiences, in the media, on the Internet, in books and in films.

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“The Russians have once again chosen hate propaganda”said Emily Williams, spokesperson for Mélanie Joly. “This is an attack on Canadian values ​​of acceptance and tolerance. Minister Joly asked the ministry to summon the Russian ambassador to communicate this message to him”she added.

The Russian tweets included a photo of a rainbow flag crossed out with a red line and accompanied by comments: “It’s all about family. The family is a man, a woman and children. »

‘Deeply offended’

The embassy also attacked Canadian sports minister Pascale St-Onge, who is openly lesbian, after she denounced the “Russian homophobic propaganda”. “We cannot tolerate this rhetoric and even less the comments about Minister St-Onge”underlined the Canadian ministry of foreign affairs.

In an email to Agence France-Presse, Pascale St-Onge said “deeply offended by the Russian Ambassador’s message against homosexuals while on Canadian soil”calling it a‘Offend to the hard-won rights of the entire LGBT+ community’.

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Russia seeks to portray LGBT+ relations as a product of dangerous Western influence, amid the Kremlin’s conservative hardening accompanying its military offensive in Ukraine.

The tweets from his embassy were also posted after a deadly shooting at an LGBT+ club in Colorado (USA) and after the controversy sparked by the rainbow logo of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where the homosexuality is illegal.

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