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Can you ride an elliptical while pregnant?

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Elliptical trainer and pregnancy

Cycling on the road while pregnant is strongly discouraged due to the high risk of being knocked down (107 cyclists died in urban areas and 137 outside urban areas in 2022), choose as a sport the elliptical trainer is a good option in pregnant women. Especially since the practice of a sport while pregnant allows maintain physical and mental fitness.

“The practice of elliptical trainer is a low intensity exercisesays Blanche Von Engelbrechten, Fitness Park coach. It is particularly suitable during pregnancy because the pregnant woman holding on to the mobile arms, this allows her to keep her balance and enough space for her belly over the months! »

Only one thing to pay attention to: “the positioning of the feet, which must be well wedged forward and flat, says Yannick Zachee, Appart Fitness sports coach. In fact, the principle of the elliptical trainer is the same as that of the cross-country skiing. » Less snow!

The benefits of the elliptical trainer

There are many for the pregnant woman and for everyone in general!

It is good for the cardiovascular system

“The elliptical trainer works the cardiac system And respiratory », says Yannick Zachee. He can even improve it. And this is important in pregnant women for several reasons. “Working on cardio allows for better venous return”, complements the Appart Fitness coach. This is important, because it is estimated that 20% of pregnant women suffer from heavy leg sensations, venous insufficiency. Other interest: “The practice of the elliptical trainer can reduce shortness of breath”, pursuit Yannick Zachee. However, shortness of breath is also common in pregnant women at various stages of pregnancy: in the first trimester due to the modification of the respiratory system due to the oxygen needs of the fetus and placenta, and at the end of pregnancy because the uterus exerts significant pressure on the diaphragm.

It protects the abdominals

“The abdominals are very little activated and not necessarily contracted”, says Blanche Von Engelbrechten, Fitness Park coach. This is important, because it is not recommended, pregnant, to work your abs intensely. In particular the great rights to avoid any risk of diastasisthat is to say too large a gap between the rectus abdominis muscles which will give a belly that sticks out and is flaccid and which can also cause pain when climbing stairs, carrying loads, etc.

It works your upper body and legs

Unlike a road bike or an exercise bike, the elliptical trainer does not have a saddle! “So he makes the backbones, THE arm and shoulders thanks to the actuation of the mobile arms mechanically linked to the pedals »says Blanche Von Engelbrechten. “And of course, he develops more strength in the legs,” continues Yannick Zachee. Which, again, is important, the epidural anesthesia slightly reducing the strength in the legs.

How many minutes per day, per week?

“It all depends, of course, on the sporting level of each future mother, her month of pregnancy, her state of fatigue”, warns Blanche Von Engelbrechten. First of all, it is necessary that every pregnant woman listens to her body. During pregnancy, there is no no question of achieving sporting exploits ! But D’keep fit and of to please yourself !

“The first two months, it is possible to maintain normal physical activity “says Yannick Zachee. After that ? “The pregnant woman can train 30 minutes approximately three times a week », advises Blanche Von Engelbrechten. And the Appart Fitness sports coach to complete: “think about having at least one day of rest between two sessions, which makes a session at the beginning of the week, one in the middle and one at the end of the week. And above all, do not exceed one hour per session. »

When to stop cycling while pregnant?

“It is possible to use an elliptical trainer practically throughout pregnancy.believes Blanche Von Engelbrechten. The third trimester, it is necessary to gradually reduce its practice. » As for the intensity, it is advisable to reduce it and not to exceed 50% of its usual rate. In fact, you have to be able to continue talking while playing sports. And to be in shape on the day of delivery ” It’s necessary completely stop practicing the elliptical trainer at 8 months warns Blanche Von Engelbrechten.


Any sports practice, in pregnant women, must be carried out in agreement with the doctor. Some situations may lead to a contraindication. This is the case when there is a threat of miscarriage, premature delivery, when the mother-to-be is expecting twins or triplets, in the event of health problems (anemia, malnutritionhigh blood pressure, etc.).

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