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Breast pain: techniques to relieve it

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THE hormonal fluctuations are responsible for many more or less pleasant and regular changes in a woman’s body. Among the inconveniences are the breast pain. Changes in the levels of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone can in particular cause breast pain. Discover tips to relieve them.

Against painful and swollen breasts, you can massage and apply ice

When you take a shower, use soap and hot water to gently massage your breasts, starting from the center of the chest to the armpits. These massage gestures improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and are painkiller gestures.

In case of severe breast pain, wrap ice or a package of frozen food in a towel and apply to each breast for about ten minutes to reduce the feeling of painful swelling.

Sensitive, painful breast: you can use a suitable bra

If you often suffer from breast pain, or if you have tender breasts, you may consider not wearing a braor to invest in adapted bras. Opt for comfortable models that provide good support and that you can wear at night during periods when your breasts hurt. Always check that your underwear is the right size. You can also wear rather baggy tops, which do not tighten, or at least which are comfortable, to avoid friction on the breast.

Pregnancy, menstruation… how to relieve chest pain with food?

Diet plays a role in hormonal fluctuations. To limit these hormonal changes and therefore the appearance of breast pain, it is possible to bet on certain foods. The magazine Best Health Mag offers several solutions:

  • Consume soy foods, which would be able to reduce hormonal fluctuations;
  • Consume fiber and essential fatty acid products : fruits, green vegetables, oilseeds, legumes and whole foods are to be preferred;
  • Reduce intake of fats, processed foods, and salt would also help reduce water retention;
  • Limit caffeine if breast pain is a symptom of your premenstrual syndrome (PMS): PMS may worsen some effects of PMS.

Other Solutions to Naturally Relieve Breast Pain and Tenderness

THE dandelion is a natural diuretic available in several forms: infusions, capsules or powder. Regular consumption during the painful period can provide relief. Increase the intake of vitamins E and B6, found in walnuts, avocados and spinach can also be effective against breast pain.

Some essential oils (HE) can be useful against breast pain: the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of noble laurel HE are known to fight against breast pain. HE of palmarosa can help deflate and release tight breasts. Please note, some essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy.

Think of engage in gentle physical activity such as swimming, walking, yoga, or Pilates to take care of you. It has been proven that sport is good for the body but also for the mind, by releasing endorphins and allowing you to relax, and to relax.

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