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Born from a PMA, this French finds his parent

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It is often a difficult search. Charles had luck on his side, he found his parent. He was born by assisted reproduction with a third party donor. With France Inter, he bears witness to its history. When his father died a few years ago, he understood that he was not his parent, which was quickly confirmed by DNA tests.

The bioethics law of August 2, 2021 has lifted anonymity for donors. Charles is embarking on the procedure supported by the Commission for access of persons born from medically assisted procreation to data from third-party donors (Capadd). A letter confirms that he will be able to follow up on his request: “I had a registered letter. When we open, we are told that there is a favorable response to our request. In this envelope there is a second courier, a sealed letter with donor information. The most moving thing was really to receive the favorable result. It may seem strange but the fact of knowing that, for his part, he has agreed to transmit his information, clearly means that he is an open person, ”explains the thirty-year-old to France Inter.

“It’s like a release”

With this precious letter, he learns the surname, the first name, the date of birth, the professional situation and the reasons for the choice of the donor. “For me, it brings me great serenity to have part of the story, the other story that I didn’t know about. It also releases a lot of things in terms of concerns that we may have, questions. Suddenly, it’s like a release. But there is not necessarily the need to maintain a relationship or even to meet him. Afterwards, if life makes us exchange, that we get along well, why not, but I don’t see myself having a long-term relationship with him ”.

They are few to know an outcome as favorable as him. Since September 2022, 363 people have submitted a request to find their donor. At the same time, 325 donors gave their consent to be found. But on 688 letters, only one file received a positive response. That of Charles.

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