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Blackpink, four girls in the wind of luxury

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This June 26, at the end of the day, Bernard Arnault has barely taken his place in the front row of the Celine fashion show, presented in a subdued wing of the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris, that he jumps up. Scorning his usual formal manners, the big boss of LVMH, the most important man in the world of luxury, crosses the room, followed in disaster by a praetorian guard on his teeth. He who is always impassive grabs his mobile phone and takes a picture of the crowd, compressed on the slab of the Parisian art center, and which also invades the sidewalk and the avenue which borders it.

A veritable human tide rushes feverishly against the barriers. This is a fantastic broth of youth, with whole regiments of midinettes landed from the beautiful neighborhoods as well as the suburbs, as well as children accompanied by their parents. Everyone shared the word on social media. It is not uncommon for parades to cause such rushes. But what happens that day is of another order. “There were thousands of people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, we remember at Celine. I think fashion had never seen that. It felt like we had created some kind of awesome monster. »

“I swear, it was as if the Beatles had just landed or as if Elvis had made a movement of pelvis on stage. » Loïc Prigent, journalist

This crowd, which is massing, is not making a crane to celebrate the great return to the catwalks of designer Hedi Slimane after two years of an absence partly forced by the health crisis. Just as she makes fun of the arrival for the occasion of the Hollywood actor Eddie Redmayne, the rapper in the down jacket with the Gazo logo or even Kevin Parker, the leader with the Christlike airs of the rockers of Tame Impala.

No, the people who moved only have eyes for two young people, two stars of K-pop, South Korean popular music. A boy and a girl: V, from the BTS group, arrived in a red Perfecto, and Lisa, from Blackpink. Mane dyed the color of the sun, her small waist slipped into a black dress obviously branded Celine and, on the shoulder, a bag of the brand, Lisa Manoban strikes a pose. The public then screams his passion in a noise similar to an almost apocalyptic explosion. ” I swear, it was like the Beatles had just landed or like Elvis had rocked on stage, says journalist and marathon runner Loïc Prigent, who attended the scene. Physically, it was impressive. Bernard Arnault was over the moon. »

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