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Bisphenol A substitutes are just as dangerous!

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After the bisphenol A scandals, many companies turned to its substitutes, bisphenols S and F, which however seem to be just as dangerous.

The end of bisphenol A in food containers does not necessarily mean the end of all toxicity in the products that replace it!

End of bisphenol A in food containers

Since January 1, 2015, the bisphenol A is prohibited in food containers. Indeed, this product was present in the composition of many products such as preserves, cans, plastics…

It has been withdrawn from the market because it is considered endocrine disruptor, that is, it interferes with the hormonal system. It is suspected of acting on fertility, of disrupting the metabolic, cardiovascular, immune, reproductive systems…

To replace bisphenol A, two other products now exist on the market: bisphenol S and F.

Equally dangerous substitutes

However, these substitutes do not seem to be devoid of any toxicity, as asserted by a study, published in Fertility and Sterility on January 15, 2015, which has just scientifically demonstrated what many researchers already suspected: bisphenols S and F are just as dangerous. than bisphenol A.

The study demonstrated that low exposures of these bisphenols S and F in fish embryos led to alterations in their brain development.

Results that do not bode well, especially since a French study by Inserm, conducted in vitro on human testicular cells, showed that exposure to bisphenols S and F also impaired the production of testosterone. , the male hormone.

What to do in practice?

Until the authorities remove all bisphenols from consumer products, it seems necessary to take 2 or 3 precautions:

  • babies and pregnant women must imperatively be wary of products containing bisphenols, whatever they may be.
  • learn to read labels carefully for these substances.
  • do not rely on the mention “without bisphenol A” which does not imply that the product does not contain bisphenols S and F.

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