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Beware of “wellness coaches”, warns the DGCCRF

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A study conducted by the DGCCRF reveals that 80% of personal development coaches offer misleading services that can be dangerous for health.

Personal development is growing in France and “well-being coaching” is being deployed more and more. The offer of these coaches: accompany you through training and methods to improve your life (professional, romantic, physical and mental health…). However, some are more akin to charlatans, especially when it comes to your health. “On 165 professionals and training institutions audited [coachs bien-être], nearly 80% had at least one anomaly concerning the information delivered to consumers in terms of skills, professional titles and rewarding mentions” unveils an investigation by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF) published on March 9, 2023.

Some coaches pretend to be health professionals

In about 20% [des professionnels contrôlés]deceptive commercial practices have been observed, may mislead consumers. Thus, some concerned the highlighting of qualifications not held by the coach, such as a diploma for a magnetist, the maintenance of confusion with the medical profession by using terms specific to this sector (“consultation”, “doctor”), the use of therapeutic claims (sessions eliminating fibromyalgia and tendonitis, or even allergies) or the specialization of their coaching practices for the fight against behavioral disorders, for example food” warns the DGCCRF. At the same time, practices that may be akin to sectarian aberrations or intrusion into privacy (request for medical analyzes for example) have been reported.

“A loss of medical opportunity for consumers”

The DGCCRF conducted the survey in 2021 and 2022 on the practices of professionals in the sector, training centers and websites. They studied the coaches whose specialties were in connection with physiological balance or mental balance (stress management, weight loss, fight against certain addictions, etc.), “life coaches”, “personal development coaches” and the professionals who do not explicitly use the term “coach”. Professionals dealing with seniors, who may be more vulnerable, have been particularly targeted. “These practices, which create confusion about the qualities of professionals or the expected results of a service, can go so far as to cause loss of medical opportunity for consumers” warns the DGCCRF. In the event of difficulty with a professional, consumers can report it on the site SignalConso.

Source : “Well-being coaching” sector: the DGCCRF survey reveals 80% of anomalies among the professionals inspected9 March 2023, DGCCRF

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