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benefits, in France, dangerous for man?

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Cordyceps is a species of fungi that parasitizes certain insects such as caterpillars. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is given powerful properties, in particular thanks to its toning action on the kidneys and lungs. Discover the benefits and how to consume cordyceps.

What is Cordyceps?

The cordyceps is a chinese pharmacopoeia ingredient, just like leaves, roots or ingredients of animal, vegetable (leaves, roots) or mineral origin. It is neither really a plant nor really an animal. In practice, the fungus colonizes a caterpillar larva. What is called cordyceps is the result of the symbiosis between the fungus and the caterpillar, which gradually dries up on contact. The cordyceps is therefore at the border between the animal world and the plant world. In a way, we use the dry larva. In traditional medicine, the Chinese call cordyceps dōng chóng xià cǎo (insect in winter and plant in summer)“, explains Marie-Anne Dupont, trainer at FLETC, the Free Faculty of Traditional Chinese Energetics.

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Is this fungus present in France?

Cordyceps has the particularity of belonging to two kingdoms: plant and animal. “Originally we find it in the mountains of Asia, especially at Tibet (Himalayan range). Cordyceps is very rare, so it is very expensive. In China, cordyceps is cultivated, but it does not have the same properties as wild cordyceps. To my knowledgewe do not find this type of culture in France“, indicates the teacher.

Is cordyceps dangerous for humans?

The ingredients intended for the Chinese pharmacopoeia are prepared to cancel out their possible toxicity. It is a millennial know-how. In itself, the fungus is not dangerous for humans. Moreover, we do not find it in nature in France”, explains Marie-Anne Dupont. According to the trainer in traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to avoid consuming cordyceps when the person does not know his ground. “In traditional Chinese medicine, there is hot ground and cold ground. And when you tend to be hot, it is better to avoid consuming cordyceps, at the risk of increasing body heat. and lead to an inner imbalance“, warns the trainer. “Cordyceps is not indicated for people who are often hot or who tend to sweat at nightbecause it brings even more heat to the body”.

What are the benefits of cordyceps?

The cordyceps is a powerful tonic. In traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps is warm in nature: it warms the body and boosts energy. Sweet in flavor, cordyceps helps circulate energy, what is called Qi, in case of severe fatigue, for example. It is also perfect for chilly people who tend to catch colds easily. The cordyceps strengthens the yang side of the body by speeding up the metabolism and bringing up the body’s energy. “Cordyceps has an action on the kidneys and on the lungs. In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is linked to aging. We say that cordyceps is anti-aging, because it strengthens the energy of the kidneys. However, if the kidneys work well, the body ages more slowly. Chinese energy practitioners will advise for kidney problems, for reproduction, fertility, libido enhancement and menstruation. We consider that the lungs are friends of the heart: they support it in its function as blood propellant. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are the masters of energy. The cordyceps, by acting on the lungs, can be a support in case of heart disease. It is also a valuable ally in case of asthma, allergy, rhinitis, sputum or ENT disorders.“, explains Marie-Anne Dupont. And to add: “in China, research is taking place on the benefits of cordyceps on cancer. Chinese doctors use it in cancer treatments or to help their patients better withstand the effects of chemotherapy“.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine trainer, “French laboratories import this legendary mushroom from Asia. The cordyceps is reduced to powder, then packaged in the form of capsules“. In any case, before consuming the mushroom, the opinion of the pharmacist is required. Ideally, a consultation with a Chinese energy therapist is recommended. Only this professional is authorized to define the land of a person thanks to an energy balance.

Thanks to Marie-Anne Dupont, trainer at the Free Faculty of Traditional Chinese Energetics.

– UFPMTC – French Union of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professionals
– FLETC – Free Faculty of Traditional Chinese Energetics

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