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Article 49.3 used by the government to push through the Social Security budget for 2023

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A 49.3 triggered on the state budget, a second for that of the Secu: the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, announced, Thursday, October 20, at the National Assembly that she engaged the responsibility of her government on the project social security financing law (PLFSS) by means of article 49.3 of the Constitution, less than twenty-four hours after having resorted to the same institutional weapon to have the first part of the bill on the budget 2023.

Article 49.3 allows a legislative text to be passed in the National Assembly without going through a vote, provided that a motion of censure is not passed in the days that follow.

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Tense exchanges from the start of the debates

The exchanges on the PLFSS had started very badly for the executive: the first part of the PLFSS, supposed to approve the accounts for the years 2021 and 2022, was rejected out of hand by 98 votes against 72. “Revenue and expenditure were insufficient” and “we have no reason to discharge you today”had justified the communist Pierre Dharréville.

The Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, immediately spoke out against a “Pavlovian Opposition” to draft budgets and “postures”. “You don’t have to scold us”had replied the leader of the National Rally (RN) deputies, Marine Le Pen, accusing the executive of “overplaying indignation perhaps to give reasons [au 49.3] ».

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Article 3, relating to the 2022 financial year, has been significantly rewritten by the adoption of an amendment by PCF MP Pierre Dharréville, which provides for “reallocate to Health Insurance the expenses incurred during the pandemic”rather than making them weigh “on the social debt”. “We are sending a bill of 18 billion euros to future generations”, was indignant Gabriel Attal. The majority opposed the vote on the article. But it was adopted with the votes of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) and part of the RN (111 for, 87 against).

Examination of motions of no confidence on Monday

Regarding the motions of censure tabled against the government by the Nupes and the RN after the use of article 49.3 to pass the 2023 budget without a vote, they will be debated on Monday afternoon by the National Assembly, we have learned Thursday from parliamentary sources. Motions will be considered from 4 p.m. “will be the subject of a common discussion”, decided the Conference of Presidents of the Assembly on Thursday. These motions have almost no chance of being adopted.

No motion of censure following the use of 49.3 has been adopted since the birth of the Ve Republic in 1958.

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