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Are antibacterial hand gels dangerous?

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Antibacterial hydro alcoholic gels are frequently used, especially when there is no water to wash your hands. You then feel safe with these gels that eliminate bacteria. However, a study has just shown that it could be dangerous for health.

Increased absorption of bisphenol A

A study conducted in the United States, at the University of Missouri, and relayed by the scientific journal Plos One, reveals that antibacterial hydro alcoholic gels would promote theabsorption of Bisphenol A through the skin.

This can raise a serious public health problem when we know that more and more people use this type of gel on a regular basis and when we also know that bisphenol A are endocrine disruptors, that is, they interfere with the hormonal system. They are suspected of acting on fertility, of disturbing the metabolic, cardiovascular, immune, reproductive and nervous systems. They even seem to cause certain cancers.

And even if in France, the bisphenol A have been banned since January 1, 2015 in food containers and receipts, the list of objects containing bisphenol A is still long, because this product makes the plastic unbreakable and resistant to very high temperatures: thus, it is still found in CDs, DVDs, certain hair dryers, microwaves, computers, telephones, glasses or even cars!

Other harmful effects of these gels are to be deplored

Not only do hydro alcoholic gels promote the absorption of bisphenol A, but they also seem to be the cause of irritation, skin allergies and even headaches, nausea and dizziness.

Gels that increase bacterial resistance

In 2013, the Association Santé Environnement France had already warned of the dangers due to the misuse of these gels because the products they contain, such as triclosan and triclocarban, would generate bacterial resistance and could even cause hormonal imbalances. .

It is therefore appropriate to be careful in using of these hydro-alcoholic gels and to avoid using them all the time, each time you have touched something unknown or which seems suspicious to us.

If possible, just use soap and water to wash your hands.

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