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Anti-depression, anti-fatigue, anti-morale to zero: the good plants

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Any unexplained low morale or lasting fatigue should be taken seriously. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about it. In addition to the advice and possible treatments he can prescribe, here are Caroline Gayet’s recommendations for herbal medicine and essential oils. Caroline Gayet, phytotherapist, runs a herbalist in Aulnay-sous-Bois. She is the author of numerous popular works on plants.

Note: this article is the transcription of the interview in the expert video above.

Treat physical fatigue and moral weariness at the same time

Against moral fatigue. There is the fatigue side and there is the moral side. So we’re going to try to do both together with a little herbal tea. In this herbal tea, we can consider adding rosemary, lemon balm and orange blossom. Rosemary is an interesting plant because it is a physical tonic, a highly antioxidant intellectual tonic. And rosemary in its symbolism is a plant that goes forward. It is also one of the rare plants that grows back after burnt land. It’s really this revival, and so it has a nice dynamic. So for those people who dragged themselves a little bit and who had less drive and motivation.

Rosemary in its symbolism is a plant that goes forward.

Lemon balm is the plant of joy when precisely it has deserted a little bit. So it is a plant that helps on morale, good mood and who puts a little smile back in life. And the orange blossom buds also help: they are very comforting, reassuring, they give a very good taste to the herbal tea. This little trio – rosemary + lemon balm + orange blossom – just might help.

  • Directions: drink three cups a day, at the rate of three tablespoons of this mixture in 75 centiliters of boiling water. Leave to infuse for ten minutes, again covered, because there are essential oils in the three plants. Rosemary and orange bud are aromatic plants, so it must be covered so that the essential oils do not go away in the vapor of your herbal tea. And after this ten-minute incident, we filter and drink it hot or cold, it’s as you like, you drink it during the day and the evening. Make cures of three weeks, a month, more….

Dopaminergic Rhodiola

If you are not herbal tea, you can put drops of mother tincture of rhodiola in a glass of water. Rhodiola is a dopaminergic plant. And dopamine is the neurotransmitter which you may miss a little when you are in this state of moral fatigue, sadness, less desire.

  • This rhodiola, we take 30 drops every morning and possibly 20 drops at midday if necessary. There again, we do cures of three weeks to the month. Be careful however, the rhodiola, you are not allowed to take it if you are already taking chemical antidepressants.

Bergamot, the most anti-depressant of citrus fruits

Another useful plant in aromatherapy: the essence of bergamot. Bergamot is a citrus essence and it is the most anti depressant of all citrus fruits. It is good for the beginnings of moral fatigue, so on deep depression, it wouldn’t work. But on mild depression and this moral fatigue, it can be very good.

  • Instructions for use: to be used with an essential oil diffuser. It can also be used in olfactotherapy, that is to say by sniffing it in quotation marks, therefore by breathing directly from the bottle, otherwise with a small inhaler stick on which you will have soaked a small wick and which you will have inserted inside , to use at will. We can also put in the crook of the wrists after doing the tolerance test in the crook of the elbow. And we come to breathe at the same time. Through the wrist, it will pass through the veins and go into your bloodstream to give you some relief and that joy can come back to you.

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