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An organic breakfast to start the day off right

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Cereals, jam, bread, fruit juice, vegetable milk…there is something new in the organic section for breakfast. Young and old will enjoy themselves!

For mom watching her line

Red fruit petals and La Vie Claire dark chocolate petals – low in fat and no added sugar – €3.99 **

For school children

Cereals Choc’o petals and Star O’Miel Vitabio – cereals made in France offered in Daypack sachets, a practical format for children. Organic puffed cereals coated with honey €3.64, organic wheat flakes with chocolate €3.96 ***

For those intolerant to gluten

Long-life rice flour breads – Because their recipes do not contain wheat flour, these breads meet the specific needs of people sensitive to gluten or having chosen to reduce their consumption of this protein. Practical, they can be kept for 90 days before opening the packaging. (not suitable for celiacs).

Sliced ​​plain brown rice flour bread – €7.95 (600 g) – Sliced ​​brown rice flour bread with seeds – €8.40 (600 g) on sale in stores and on the internet –

For pleasure…

Vitabio Organic Fruit Delight Jams – 12 varieties to choose from – from €2.80 ***

Drinks to fill up with vitamins and minerals

  1. Gourmet Juice Apple Mango Acerola Organic – Gourmet Juice Apple Grape Blackberry Blueberry – Gourmet Juice Apple Grape Raspberry Pomegranate Organic BJORG – 3,35€ *
  2. Pure prune juice – La Vie Claire – €3.99 **
  3. Bjorg 100% vegetable organic gourmet drinks – low in saturated fatty acids – chocolate/hazelnut, almonds/salted caramel, almonds/hazelnuts – €2.99 (1l) – Organic chocolate/hazelnut gourmet drink in briquettes – €2.70 (3×20 cl)*

* available in supermarkets and supermarkets in the organic department –

** available in La Vie Claire franchise stores –

*** available in supermarkets and supermarkets in the organic department, in organic stores and on the internet –

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