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An “anti-fascist” game decried by the far right removed from the Fnac site

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“Racist remarks, homophobic demonstrations, fascist violence, that’s enough: against the extreme right, it’s up to you! » This is what Antifa, the gamewhich was marketed on the Fnac site… until the intervention, Saturday evening, of the Union of Commissioners of the National Police (SCPN).

” This Game” is on sale at Fnac. @Fnac a comment to thus highlight the antifas, which break, set fire to and attack in the demonstrations? », wrote Saturday night on Twitter David Le Bars, general secretary of the union.

Response from Fnac, Sunday evening: “We understand that the marketing of this “game” may have offended some of our audiences. We are doing what is necessary so that it will no longer be available in the next few hours. » The message is stamped with the blue dot, which guarantees its official status. In fact, the game was no longer available on the site on Monday… and the group, clearly embarrassed, was also absent subscribers. Requested by The worlda press attaché contented herself with a “No comment” without appeal.

Before the SCPN, several elected members of the National Rally (RN) had already castigated Fnac for the same reason. “Case 1: “I block a university”; Case 2: “I beat up a right-wing activist”; Box 3: “I am attacking an RN meeting”; Case 4: “I throw a Molotov cocktail at the CRS”. Fnac, aren’t you ashamed? » , tweeted Sunday Grégoire de Fournas, RN deputy for Gironde, who recently distinguished himself in the National Assembly by launching: “Let him return to Africa”, during an intervention by his colleague from France insoumise (LFI), Carlos Martens Bilongo, about the migrants collected on board theocean viking. An episode which earned the RN deputy fifteen days of exclusion from the Palais-Bourbon.

“The good news of the weekend”

“To honor the antifas, these hateful groups who only know violence to attack our democracy and what we hold dearest in our country… Absolutely scandalous! »was also indignant too Victor CatteauRN deputy from the North, triggering a storm of indignant retweets. “The good news of the weekend! »he rejoiced Monday, after the announcement of the withdrawal. “The mobilization paid off: Fnac withdraws this article”jubilant as for him Grégoire de Fournas.

For its part, the SCPN contented itself with a laconic ” Thanks “. Joined by The worldits general secretary, however, ensures that the union thanked Fnac for its response, not for the withdrawal, which it says it never asked for.

In the first tweet, at the origin of the controversy, “We didn’t say that the game incited violence, but that it praised small groups who themselves do. Today, these are movements that present themselves as anti-capitalist, anti-forces of repression, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, etc. »emphasizes David Le Bars. “The antifas, we see them more and more often in the demonstrations and they are most of the time the ones who are at the origin of the degradations”, he adds, ensuring that he has read the tweets of elected RNs a posteriori. The latter insists on the apoliticism of his union organization.

The first 4,000 copies sold out in a month, and Fnac sold 15% of the total, according to Libertaria

the game in question, highlighted on November 6 by “L’Eclaireur”, the Fnac recommendation guidedoes he actually encourage “beat up” right-wing activists or to attack the police with Molotov cocktails? Imagined by La Horde, an anti-fascist collective that calls itself “edgy, unruly and supportive”it was designed and used for two years as a tool for training activists, before being marketed in September 2021 by Libertalia editions, which had already raised the indignation of a part of the extreme right. The first 4,000 copies sold out within a month, and Fnac sold 15% of the total, according to Libertaria.

Reissued at the beginning of November in a simplified form, it offers players the role of militants tasked with thwarting the “far right abuses” by opposing them “a resistance of equal or greater forces”. These abuses, presented in the form of playing cards, are notably titled “Fascists start a fight in a bar”, “A gay couple attacked in the middle of town” or “A migrant support group needs help” and, to deal with it, the players have 17 options such as “Encounter debate”, “demonstration”, “tracting” or “offensive action”.

“Not leftists with a knife between their teeth”

“At no time does the game glorify harm to people”

“It’s a game to raise awareness of militancy in all its dimensions. Sometimes they can be purely symbolic, sometimes they are more concrete »explains its author, who calls himself Hervé de la Horde. “Violence is not completely evacuated (…), but the most violent means proposed is the “cacatof”, a bottle full of poo. We have no problem with offensive action, but at no time does the game glorify attacking people. There may be harm to property, but never to people. It’s not anti-fascism that we defend »he insists, accusing critics of the game of talking about it without knowing anything and of seeking to demonize the antifa fantasy figure ».

“We are not leftists with a knife between our teeth. Our game is a republican game, which in no way attacks legality., also says Nicolas Norrito, co-founder of Libertalia editions and “animator” of the bookstore of the same name, in Montreuil, according to which everything has been done to make it legally unassailable. saying to themselves “bruised” by the decision of Fnac, he judges that it says a lot about the state of the political debate and regrets that a large commercial group has complied so easily with the demands of the RN and a union of police officers. “We are sorry that Fnac is where it is today, when it was co-founded by two anti-fascists, one of whom – Max Théret – went to fight Franco’s troops in Spain in 1936.

He further claims “a short explanation” to the group on the presence on its real or virtual shelves of books by Alain Soral, a figure of the “complosphere”, or the revisionist historian Robert Faurisson; a requirement widely relayed on social networks. Fnac has therefore not provided any for the moment, but on its site, instead of the game, the following message is now displayed: “The page you are looking for has disappeared. Do not panic, our agents are on the spot…”

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