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Alpes-Maritimes: drinking water not recommended in several municipalities in view of a risk of cryptosporidiosis

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In the Alpes-Maritimes, 22 people were diagnosed with cryptosporidiosisan infection of the digestive tract caused by a parasite and which can be transmitted by drinking contaminated water.

As a precaution, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of the PACA region has therefore taken measures concerning tap water. “To date, the results of water analyzes have not revealed the presence of cryptosporidium in the water network of the 5 municipalities concerned. Nevertheless, the detection of this parasite in water being difficult, additional analyzes are in progress and the measures to restrict the use of water are maintained as a precaution. explains the agency in a point position dating from June 7.

Five municipalities are thus concerned by precautionary measures: Saint-Cézaire, Peymeinade, Le Tignet, Spéracèdes and Cabris. The inhabitants of these towns and villages are invited to prefer bottled water to tap water, or boil tap water for 2 minutes in order to sterilize it before consuming it or using it for the preparation of food.

Parents of infants are encouraged to prepare bottles with bottled waterand everyone is invited to wash your hands regularly. The ARS specifies that this advice is all the more important for immunocompromised people and infants. As for people who are sick or in contact with sick people, the ARS recommends that they the application of barrier gestures (hand washing, hydroalcoholic gel). In schools and early childhood structures, filters have been installed to guarantee the safety of users, ensures the ARS.

However, tap water can still be used for other non-food uses (shower, dishes, linen…).

A disease most often benign, except in the most fragile

Cryptosporidium, the parasite responsible for cryptosporidiosis, is naturally present in the environment. If the disease it causes is usually mild, with mainly digestive symptoms (diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting) which pass in 2 to 14 days, it can among the most vulnerable, cause severe symptoms requiring medical treatment. The transmission of this parasite takes place by direct contact with an animal or a human carrying the parasite present in the stool. For example, smoking after handling an infected animal can bring the parasite to the digestive tract. Indirectly, the consumption of contaminated water or food can also transmit this parasite, hence the precautionary measures put in place.

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