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A super cream to treat athlete’s foot ineffective in the face of rising fungal infections

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Resistant fungal strains make potentially “incurable” athlete’s foot, even with the strongest creams available without a prescription. This common skin infection is caused by a fungus called dermatophytewhich is also responsible for ringworm. THE antifungal treatments are increasingly ineffective, which raises concerns among experts. Approximately a third of all skin infections no longer respond to antifungal treatments, and this problem does not receive enough attention. Drug-resistant fungal infections have become common and the healthcare system is at risk of lack of effective treatments. Approximately 15% of people have suffered from a fungal infection of the skin in the past year, and the older people are particularly affected. Dermatophytes are usually transmitted through skin contact and thrive in warm, humid environments. Drug-resistant infections may require stronger drugs or combinations of drugs, but this can lead to unpleasant side effects (source 1). Mushrooms can evolve to develop defenses against antifungal drugs, and overuse of these drugs contributes to this problem. Experts recommend that all antifungal treatments should be prescribed by a doctor in order to test the resistance of the fungus before proposing the treatment. It is also suggested to rremoving antifungals from cosmetics to slow the growth of resistant fungi. Ultimately, developing new drugs to combat these uncomfortable and recurring skin infections is crucial.

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