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A Daffodil against Cancer: race, pins, donations

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A Daffodil Against Cancer is a national campaign calling for the mobilization and collection of donations for cancer research. Theme, sponsors, events, shop, race, how to donate…

A Daffodil Against Cancer is a campaign of solidarity andcall for the mobilization and collection of donations for cancer research, conducted by the Institut Curie, France’s leading center for the fight against cancer. Each year, the ambition is to collect more than 1 million euros to support research and medical innovation against cancer. For that, solidarity events are held everywhere in France, in particular The Daffodil Race connected in March. The general public, businesses, associations, local authorities, municipalities and thousands of volunteers were therefore invited to mobilize to raise as many funds as possible. Dates, godfathers, godmothers, events… All the info

Date: when is A Daffodil against Cancer in 2024?

The 20th campaign of A Daffodil against Cancer takes place in March.

What is the theme of A Daffodil against Cancer in 2024?

The theme for the 2024 edition has not been revealed. In 2023, Institut Curie has chosen to dedicate its A Daffodil Against Cancer campaign screening and early diagnosis : major issues for which it is essential to advance research and develop new strategies. As a reminder, in 2022, the campaign A Daffodil against Cancer is dedicated to cancers in adolescents and young adults (AJA). These young patients require treatment specific to their age and the type of cancer they are suffering from (paediatric or adult tumor).

List of events of a Daffodil against Cancer

► Launching ceremony of the 19th edition of A Daffodil Against Cancer. Institut Curie invites you to join us for this festive and supportive event in the presence of the campaign’s official sponsors.

► All people in solidarity with this great cause will be able to come and buy Daffodils and derivative products on the sales stands of the Daffodil Village Place du Panthéon (Paris 5th) and at the entrances to the Institut Curie hospital sites (Paris 5th – Saint-Cloud 92)

► Across France and online, for the 3rd consecutive year, Institut Curie is launching its connected challenge “the Daffodil race against Cancer”, covering together a maximum of kilometers against cancer, where energy is transformed into a donation, with 1 euro donated to the Institut Curie

Throughout the month of March: sales of products-sharing, rounding up at the checkout, calls for donations, sporting events, solidarity events and sales… Actions of generosity in the colors of the daffodil will flourish everywhere in France thanks to the mobilization of partner companies, associations and individuals.

Why is the symbol a daffodil?

The daffodil is the symbol of the fight against cancer. Wearing it as pins or buying them allows you to show your support for this cause.

Daffodil Against Cancer Logo © Institut Curie

Where to buy daffodils?

You can buy daffodils from the sales stalls in the Daffodil Village Place du Panthéon (Paris 5th) and at the entrances to the Institut Curie hospital sites (Paris 5th – Saint-Cloud 92). The sale of daffodils for the benefit of the operation also takes place directly in the Truffaut garden centers. Also, to support the “A Daffodil against Cancer” campaign, the Institut Curie is offering a Online Store to buy: a daffodil badge, a daffodil pen, a daffodil notebook or a shopping bag.

Who are the godparents of a Daffodil for Curie?

Several public figures are committed to the Institut Curie in the fight against cancer. For the last edition, several godfathers and godmothers are mobilizing: Astrid Bard, Antoine De Caunes, Daphne Bürki, Christophe Beaugrand, Maya Lauqué, Marco Prince, Sandrine Quétier…

Godfathers and godmothers 2022 of A Daffodil against Cancer © Institut Curie

How to participate in the race of A Daffodil against Cancer?

Every year, the public is invited to participate throughout France in the connected challenge of the “Daffodil Race“. This year, the connected race takes place during the event. Concretely, each participant makes his promise of kilometers during his registration. For each kilometer travelled, a donation of €1 will be donated to the Institut Curie by the major partner of the event, Allianz France. The funds raised will support research and medical innovation against cancer carried out at the Institut Curie.

What is the poster for A Daffodil for Curie?

A Daffodil against Cancer 2023 poster © Institut Curie
A Daffodil against Cancer 2023 poster © Institut Curie

Anyone can contribute to advance research on the disease by making a donation via mobile, by downloading the free physical activity coaching application A Daffodil for Curie Since itunes or since Google Play :

  • By telephone, nothing’s easier ! Donate 5 euros by texting ESPOIR to 92 002.
  • By check payable to Institut CurieDonor Department, Iris Marson, 26 rue d’Ulm, 75248 Paris Cedex 05
  • On the Internet, donate directly from the site, buy solidarity object (badge, pen, bag, notebook, pot of daffodils…) on the Online Store. Invite your friends, your colleagues, your loved ones to make a donation and support your commitment against cancer.

What are the donations of A Daffodil against Cancer used for?

In 2022: 1,060,000 euros in donations collected have supported research and projects dedicated to adolescent and young adult cancer.

In 2021, the donations collected (899,000 euros) were intended big data and artificial intelligence in order to improve cancer research and medical innovation, better understand the cancerous disease in all its complexity, and predict its evolution in order to better fight it.

In 2020the donations collected (533,000 euros) in an exceptional health context made it possible to support precision medicinean essential step to better diagnose and treat patients by offering them individualized treatments And adapted to the characteristics of each patient’s tumor (either targeted therapy or specific immunotherapy).

In 2019the donations collected (630,000 euros) made it possible to support the fondamental research.

In 2018the 525,000 euros collected enabled the creation of SIREDO, the first pediatric cancer center in France, bringing together in the same place and on the same floor, the expertise of more than 70 scientists, 5 research teams and 50 caregivers.

Sources: Institut Curie website / A Day Against Cancer website and press release

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