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A consultation with the doctor will now cost you 26.50 euros

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The price of medical consultations will increase by autumn 2023. According to an “arbitral settlement”, it will be necessary to pay 26.50 euros to the general practitioner, against 25 euros today.

The cost of medical consultations will increase by 1.50 euro in the fall of 2023, according to the arbitration rules which organizes the relationship between liberal doctors and Health Insurance, written and presented on April 24, 2023 to the 6 unions of liberal doctors by Annick Morel, former general inspector of social affairs (Igas) and former president of the High Council for the Future of Medicare (HCAAM). For general practitionersthe basic consultation will change from 25 euros to 26.50 euros, which will represent an increase of +6%. Consultations at medical specialists will also be more expensive. In this context, the Minister of Health François Braun “is pleased that the text proposed by the arbitrator includes significant advances for the improvement of the health of the French people” and must approve it in the coming days. However, the unions of liberal doctors all demanded, at least, 30 euros or even 50 euros for some. Physicians who do not wish to be subject to the arbitration rules can let their Cpam know by mail. Otherwise, they will be tacitly governed by the latter.

What are the new rates for medical consultations?

► A consultation with a general practitioner (adults and children over 6 years old) will increase from 25 euros to 26.50 euros

► A consultation with a general practitioner (children under 6) will increase from 30 euros to 31.50 euros

► A consultation with a sector I or II specialist (having subscribed to the controlled pricing options (Optam)) will go from 30 euros to 31.50 euros.

► A basic consultation with a pediatrician will increase from 37 euros to 38.50 euros for children under 2 years old and from 32 euros to €33.50 for children from 2 to less than 6 years old and for a child from 6 to less than 16 years old who is not referred to him by the attending physician

► A consultation with a psychiatrist, a neuropsychiatrist and a neurologist will go from 50.20 euros to 51.70 euros

► A consultation with a cardiologist will go from 52.50 euros to 54 euros

► One specific consultation will go from 52.20 euros to 54 euros.

When will these new prices take effect?

All these new rates will only apply“at the expiration ofa period of six months from the approval of these provisions” by the Minister of Health, either in theory at thefall 2023. Indeed, to enter into force, the text must be submitted and approved by François Braun, Minister of Health “in the coming days” according to Avenue de Ségur then it must be published in the Official Journal. . Once adopted, the regulation is valid for a period of 5 years.

Source : Submission of the arbitration rules organizing the relationship between independent doctors and Health Insurance, Ministry of Health, April 24, 2023

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