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a Brazil orphan of Neymar will try to validate his ticket for the eighth

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hot in front


It is a Seleçao deprived of Neymar who faces Switzerland, Monday, November 28 at 5 p.m., at the 974 stadium. With, in sight, qualification for the round of 16 and first place in group G. PSG, which could have equaled – or even exceeded – the goal record of “King Pelé” in the Brazilian jersey was the victim of a sprain during the initial success against Serbia (2-0).

His return to the tournament is still uncertain, but nothing to worry about his teammates. “Neymar is the star of the team, the one who makes the difference, but we have other great players”, acknowledged Casemiro. Before de-dramatizing: “Sometimes I feel sorry for our opponents given the high number of alternatives we have. »

Watch out for the Nati, winner of Cameroon (1-0) for their first match of the tournament. Especially since the Swiss, quarter-finalists of the last Euro 2021 after beating France, have already surprised Brazil, in the group stage four years ago, in Russia (1-1).

full throttle

Roaring Atlas Lions

Driven by a red tide of supporters, in the stands of the Al-Thumama stadium, in Doha, on Sunday, Morocco beat Belgium (2-0), semi-finalists of the 2018 edition. back to find the trace of a Moroccan success. The Moroccans first experienced false joy just before the break, when Hakim Ziyech’s direct free-kick goal was finally disallowed due to an offside signal on video assistance.

In the second half, it was Abdelhamid Sabiri who deceived Thibaut Courtois with a direct free kick, another one and well validated this one, full of mischief. His teammate Zakaria Aboukhlal, also entered during the game, definitively released his team in added time. Thursday 1er December, Walid Regragui’s players will aim to qualify for the round of 16, as in the 1986 World Cup – the best performance in the history of the Moroccan selection.

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water in the gas

Tension rises between Iranian and American federations

Black anger of the Iranian Federation, which discovered, Sunday, November 27, that its counterpart from the United States had, on its Instagram page, crossed out the sign Allah from the Iranian flag before the highly symbolic match on Tuesday between the two teams. The American federation justified its decision “to show solidarity with women in Iran” and “in this case only”. Continuing: “The flag has never changed on the federation’s website. »

The incident comes at a time when Iran is the scene of a protest movement, sparked on September 16 by the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old student, after her arrest by the morality police in Tehran.

A patch of blue sky

Raphaël Varane, the mermaid and Adil Rami

Sunday, everything was going normally during the press conference of the Blues in their training stadium Jassim Ben Hamad. Raphaël Varane said he had no preference as an opponent in the round of 16 and mentioned the France group (“who lives well” necessarily). When suddenly… the fire siren sounded. After having imagined an evacuation exercise for a moment, the vice-captain of the Blues swung: “This time it’s not Adil Rami, I promise you. »

Good valve Raphaël. In 2018, the replacement Rami distinguished himself in Russia as a public entertainer and for the extinguisher episode. During a somewhat hectic evening after the victory against Argentina in the round of 16, the defender had emptied the contents of the extinguisher to prevent the intrusion of some of his partners while he was playing “naked at fortnite » in his room.

At first there was smoke all over the hallway. I didn’t know the fire extinguisher system. It was madness. It was a shisha. Again, a shisha was nice, it was the Vélodrome”, the culprit will later be told. This time, Rami has an alibi. He is in France retained by his obligations as a player from Troyes and a remote consultant for TF1.

qatar postal

Hide those unmasked fans that can’t be seen

Protests against excessive confinements have broken out in recent days in China to denounce the draconian “zero Covid” policy practiced by the authorities for almost three years.

Faced with the astonishment – and above all the annoyance – of the Chinese discovering the images of an unmasked crowd in the stands of Qatari stadiums, the country’s television decided to cut the live sequences on the stands to replace them with close-ups of players and coaches.

Doha in the eye

In Lusail, a hodgepodge of genres and music

This is not the boulevard of broken dreams, sung by Green Day, even if it looked a bit like it, Saturday, November 26, after the defeat of the Saudis against Poland (0-2). No, the “boulevard de Lusail”, in the new town of the same name, is a vast avenue bristling with flags going from the town stadium (where the final will take place) to the sea.

And since the whole world has an appointment in Qatar, we come across a hodgepodge of styles: Saudi families in local clothes, Mexican supporters decked out in masks of lucha libre and sombreros, people from all over the world in Messi jerseys (the “Pulga” has fans everywhere), sad-looking Tunisians (the Eagles of Carthage lost their feathers in their defeat against Australia), kids wrapped in a Qatari flag and many more.

All in an atmosphere punctuated by the anthems of the World Cup, present or past. Feel the Magic in the Air thus precedes WakaWakabefore, without transition, the evening prayer resounds in the same loudspeakers.

Grain of sand


Sunday, Croatia made the kindling of the Canadian team (4-1), and the Canucks are therefore officially eliminated from the World Cup. The match will however remain in the annals of the country thanks to Alphonso Davies. The Bayern Munich defender scored Canada’s first ever World Cup goal – in their only previous appearance, in 1986, his players failed to find the net.

At the same time, said Davies signed the fastest achievement of this edition… 1 min 7 s only after the kick-off.

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