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6 dangerous heaters at home

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Using combustion devices (brazier, etc.) in your home for heating is a very bad idea because of the possible release of carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can be fatal.

With the arrival of winter and the drop in temperatures, one may be tempted to use appliances which certainly produce heat but must above all not be used indoors because they still emit a small amount of carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can be deadly when dispersed in an enclosed space. In concrete terms, you should not heat your interior with:

  • generators,
  • braziers,
  • barbecues,
  • barbecue embers or coals,
  • charcoal stoves,
  • cookers.

The Mobile space heaters should not be used continuously. Since September 2022, according to data from Poison centers, more than 70 people were poisoned after trying to heat their homes with such devices. “Outdoors, these devices still emit a small amount of carbon monoxide which disperses into the air. On the other hand, in a confined space, the concentration of carbon monoxide in the indoor air can quickly increase and endanger the people and animals present” alert ANSES in November. Carbon monoxide is an asphyxiating, odorless and colorless gas that is very toxic: in a closed space, he can kill in less than an hour. “The risks are all the greater as the first signs of poisoning are not specific to this gas: headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea or vomiting” notify the agency. In case of suspicion of carbon monoxide poisoning, ventilate immediately premises, shut down combustion devices if possible and evacuate the premises.

To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning:

► Do not Above all, do not use devices designed to heat outdoor spaces indoors. of his accommodation

► You must have the facilities in their accommodation checked (boiler, fireplaces, water heater, pellet and wood stoves, etc.) by a qualified professional (plumber-heating engineer and chimney sweeps). Do banged ducts and chimneys at least once a year. Moreover, if it is a indoor gas installation over 15 years old, there are certified diagnosticians in your region who carry out a condition of the installations when a home is sold. These professionals can diagnose your installation.


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