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5 signs that show your period is coming

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The rules are coming. And with them, a whole series of emotional and physical symptoms. Which ? Review with a medical specialist.

We call menstruation, or menstruation, bloody discharge that appears once a month in women“, begins Michel Mouly, gynecologist and surgeon. They correspond to the elimination of a membrane that lines the uterus: the endometrium (which thickens under the effect of estrogen, a female hormone, accompanied by progesterone, to form a “cozy nest” ready to accommodate an embryo). If there is no fertilization, menstruation comes. This cycle repeats every month as long as there is no pregnancy. About ten days before the onset of menstruation or two days before, depending on the woman, a series of emotional and physical signs and symptoms known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The main factor of this PMS would be the drop in estrogen levels, following ovulation. These symptoms usually end with the onset of menstruation or within a few days of it. What are the signs that show that menses are coming?

Water retention, swollen stomach, heavy legs

“A few days before menstruation, it is not uncommon for women to describe having the swollen belly, heavy legs, even a weight gain of 1 or 2 kilos“, describes Michel Mouly. “This temporary weight gain is due to hormonal fluctuation. Progesterone and estrogen make increase the presence of water in the body which causes water retention“, he continues.

Irritability, feeling depressed

The woman can experience irritability, anxiety, bad mood or depression before her period. In question, “fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels”says the doctor.

sore breasts

have the sore nipples and swollen breasts is one of the most common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Same here, it is due to fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels.


“Women affected by acne regularly notice a worsening of their symptoms before their period“, continues the specialist. Here too, it is the hormones that are responsible. The menstrual cycle causes hormone levels to rise and fall.


Headaches associated with menstruation have a name: they are catamenial migraines. They are also caused by hormonal changes in women. Often the drop in estrogen.

“All these symptoms are normal“, would like to reassure the health professional who, however, suggests getting enough sleep and, engage in regular physical activitywhich will reduce bloating as well as irritability, anxiety and insomnia andhave good food hygiene, during this period. To rectify the situation and rebalance your estrogen levels, he recommends filling up with sage, flax cream, soy, borage or pollen. “Some birth control pills also play this role of balancing hormones and therefore relieve these symptoms.“, he concludes.

Thanks to Michel Mouly, gynecologist and surgeon author of the book Menopause everything can change.

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