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42% of employees victims of incivility at work

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Colleagues who don’t say hello, superior who asks for service with contempt, aggressive customer… Employees are more and more often victims of incivility within the confines of their company and employers do not always take the necessary measures to try to handle the problem.

42% of employees victims of incivility

A survey conducted by Eléas (specialized in the fight against psychosocial risks) with a thousand workers reveals that 42% of employees are victims of incivility in their company and that 33% say they are affected personally and suffer from it (with problems of stress, malaise, anxiety or sleep disorder).

In 54% of cases, it is the outside public (customers, visitors, users, etc.) who appears to be the author of the incivilities. However, 48% of employees nevertheless believe that they are victims ofincivility at work (colleagues). According to the respondents, these incivilities at work are in constant progress.

For 66% of employees, incivility results in a lack of respect for the code of politenessrules of behavior and cordiality towards others (by not saying hello, for example, or by asking for a favor with contempt).

21% of employees highlight verbal abuse and aggressive behavior.

Inequalities in the face of incivility

Staff in contact with the outside public are particularly exposed (trade, public service, etc.).

Those most affected are also the lowest in the hierarchy.

Employers not invested enough

35% of employees believe that their employer is aware of the problem but do not engage no measurement to combat incivility.

30% of employees think that their employer is not aware of problems with incivility.

22% of employers have, however, already conducted a survey of their employees to find out about work relations and the general atmosphere. A percentage that is still too low, since 44% of employees would like this survey to be implemented in their company or that training be created on behavior and relations between colleagues as well as training on stress management or aggressiveness of difficult customers.

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