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4 slimming sauces to taste your pasta

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It is common to remove pasta from your diet when dieting. However, consuming starchy foods is not harmful to your weight loss, you just need to know how to season and accompany them.

As far as pasta is concerned, you have the right to make it in sauce, provided you opt for organic and very low-calorie sauces.

The latter are generally made from vegetables or seasonal products and are prepared very quickly. You will be able to diversify your menu and treat yourself without feeling guilty!

So here is 4 slimming sauces for losing weightwhile having fun.

Vegetable-based vitamin slimming sauce

Vegetables lend themselves very well to the preparation of digestible and healthy sauces. It should not be forgotten that these ingredients are renowned for their high taste quality and their low calorie content. The only condition is to choose seasonal vegetables.

Also be sure to choose the places where you get your vegetables. Prefer stores offering organic products or buy directly from a farmer. This guarantees healthy food that is not treated with different pesticides or synthetic products.

Remember that each vegetable requires a specific cooking time to bring out its full flavor. This may seem like just a detail, but it is an important point. Moreover, the cooking method plays an essential role since some will allow you to preserve all the nutrients, while others risk degrading them.

In the case of watery vegetables such as zucchini, avoid steaming and favor steaming, low temperature or oven cooking. However, these types of vegetables may make your sauce too runny. Then add pre-cooked cereal creams to the pot to obtain a thicker texture.

Once the slimming sauce is cooked, all you have to do is mix the mixture and pour it over your pasta. In order to personalize it, do not hesitate to add a little spices or aromatic herbs.

Creamy avocado-based slimming sauce

Culinary recipes based on avocado have many interests, simply because this ingredient contains many virtues.

Already, you can use it as much for your savory dishes as your sweet dishes. With its discreet taste and creamy texture, it is very easy to combine it with other foods to make a more than delicious sauce.

In addition, the avocado contains a large quantity of essential nutrients for the body such as fatty acids, in particular omega 3 and omega 9. This fruit is also composed of soluble and insoluble fibers at a rate of 7 g per 100 g of lawyer. Therefore, its consumption is highly recommended for people who have a longer transit problem.

But back to our slimming sauce to accompany pasta. You can very well use it for winter and spring sauces. In this case, the avocado’s best ally can only be lemon with its tangy taste. And to add a little exotic or refreshing touch, why not add a little fresh spinach or lamb’s lettuce?

Preparing this recipe is very simple. You just need to put all the ingredients in a blender.

In the meantime, cook your pasta, drain it before putting it back in a pot over low heat.

Then pour the avocado-lemon sauce and mix gently until all the pasta is impregnated with it.

Ultra-fast slimming sauce with silken tofu

Silken tofu is an ingredient whose benefits are considerable! First, you save valuable time since it requires no cooking. Secondly, it lends itself to all your desires by adding aromatic herbs, condiments and spices.

To prepare this atypical sauce, pour the silken tofu into a blender, adding basil, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Blend this mixture until you get the consistency you want.

Before serving the sauce, heat it for a few minutes over very low heat.

Then add it to your pasta, once it is cooked and drained.

For this recipe to be a real success, make sure that the silken tofu is well drained before mixing it, otherwise the juice may make the sauce more liquid and not very creamy. You can also keep some of the olives and dried tomatoes to make your recipe more appetizing.

Legume-based protein slimming sauce

Legumes are very nutritious foods that complement cereals very well. This combination is not surprising, since it is a real source of complete proteins! You will be able to be quickly satiated, while enjoying the many benefits of the fibers contained in your slimming sauce.

The recipe for a legume-cereal sauce is made with lentils and sweet potatoes. Cook the sweet potatoes and lentils in a Dutch oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Drain them afterwards and pour them into a blender. Add rosemary or another type of aromatic herb, as well as a little soy milk.

Mix the preparation until you obtain a sauce with a creamy and perfectly smooth texture. Then pour this sauce over your pasta and mix everything together.

Instead of lentils, you also have the choice between peas and split peas. You can also use firm or tender vegetables to personalize your sauce.

It is often difficult to do without pasta during a diet. Especially since the pasta itself is not as caloric as you think (131 calories per 100 grams). It is the accompaniments that often cause problems. It is therefore for this reason that it is preferable to choose organic and seasonal ingredients to prepare slimming sauces creamy and healthy based on vegetables, legumes, silken tofu or even avocado.

Most of these recipes do not require much preparation, since you just need to mix them with other ingredients, such as spices, aromatic herbs or citrus fruits to enhance the taste of your sauces.

Enjoy your lunch !

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